Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Yosemite National Park

   Known for the tall grand ancient sequoia trees, waterfalls, and the ginormous granite boulders, Yosemite National Park is one of the best Parks around. This park was established in October 1, 1890 but officially protected in 1864. John Muir, one of the many people who helped make many of theses parks protected quoted, "It is by far the grandest of all the special temples of Nature I was ever permitted to enter." And he is absolutely right. People are awestruck whenever they enter this beautiful park. I know I was and still am whenever I go there. It's especially a special place for me and my family. My parents went there when they were young with their families, so them taking us there is really important; it's a place where we always make memories. Ifyou have never been to Yosemite National Park before, try to go because it's definitely worth it!

Monday, October 17, 2016


       This past week we all had to do a presentation on a book that we chose to read. It was cool hearing about what people like to read and hear it in their own words. Some were funny, others were serious. everybody had their own unique way of presenting which was cool. I think something that everyone including me could improve on in their presentations is their body language; just be relaxed and take your time. Make eye contact and use hand gestures. That's a big part of presenting, keeping the attention of the audience. I feel like throughout the presentations, if someone who presented was relaxed, comfortable and provided good information about the book definitely stands out. During the presentations I like to look at the audience and see their facial expressions. It gives you a good hint about if people are interested in what the person is presenting about. If we created a list of books for the incoming 7th graders next year, I feel like we should recommend books that have action, adventure and suspense. Because I feel like many of this year's group of 8th graders chose to read book that have the genre of action,adventure, and suspense. I feel like that's what kids are drawn to.

Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Inkbots and Personality

    During the past evolution of psychology, inkblots was a method used to help determine people's personality and to see if they had any problems such as mental illness. Inkblots are known as images that psychologists use on a patient to see what they saw on the image. The inkblots could be interpreted as many images; that is where the personality or problems come out. By asking them what they seen in the inkblot, psychologists considered that as a way that they show their personality. When a person sees an image, they usually say what they see. Like when you look at cloud shapes in the sky. For example, if someone saw a bat on the inkblot, people considered that the person was dangerous, and violent. If someone saw a clown, they would be known as hostile. But if you saw a butterfly, you would be thought of as happy, genuine, and cheerful. Nobody uses this method of psychology but it as know to this day as a major part of the history of psychology.

    Who made the Rorschach Inkblot test?

 Herman Rorschach developed the Inkblot test in 1921.

Thursday, September 8, 2016

The beginning of "Paper Things"

    Paper Things, by Jennifer Richard Jacobson is about a twelve-year old girl named Ari and her brother, Gage on their own,with no parents, and no guardian, who are trying to deal with all this chaos that comes into their lives. In the beginning of the book, Ari takes you back to the night that she and her brother decide to leave their strict guardian Janna in their small apartment. Through the exposition, you will find out who their friends are, how their brother-sister relationship is and how they manage to survive by themselves.

Thursday, September 1, 2016

My Book Life!!!

     Reading is something that I love to do is my spare time. When I read, I feel like my imagination opens up, thinking about things that I've read in a new perspective. Some of my favorite reading genres include, comedy, realistic fiction and biographies- I enjoy reading the section from the SLO Life Magazine about the local people in SLO and their stories about life-. I'm one of those people who constantly has to move-I can't stay in one place for more than 10 minutes tops-, so I wouldn't say that I have a favorite reading spot. It's more like, I'm on my bed, then I'm downstairs on the couch..upside down, and then I'm back upstairs! For me, reading is a time for me to take a break from life, and relax. I guess you could call it my calm moment of the day!

Wednesday, August 31, 2016

                         2016-2017 School Year!!!

Sunday, May 15, 2016

Three Reason Why I Like...

       The Giver by Lois Lowry is a well thought out book/movie that teaches us what our world could have been like without any conflict. It teaches us that we should embrace every moment good, or bad in this world because you never know what it soon might be. Reading the book and, watching the movie were two very different experiences, one having a bit more of this and the other having a bit more of that. Personally, I preferred the book over the movie for three reasons; it gave me more meaning and feeling of the characters and their world, It captivated my attention longer making me want to read more, and finally, it encouraged me to use my imagination.

         Feelings can make a story feel complete and make the story much more meaningful. When a story has meaning, it helps you get to know the character's perspective and who they are. That is why I like reading books so much, I can know what my character is thinking and get to know them through their feelings. One thing that makes you want to read a book more is when readers can relate to what the characters are thinking. In some parts of the movie, I didn't know what Jonas, the main character was thinking which made me have to make assumptions, assumptions that were wrong. I prefer reading a book because I can get to know what is going on piece by piece through the character's feelings.

        Another reason why I think the book was better than the movie was because the book captivated my attention more, making me want to read it any chance I got. The Giver all way through the book had unexpected surprises keeping me on the edge of my seat. For me, the book got more suspenseful every page I turned, which I think is one of the key things for getting readers to read stories. I think that the book gives you time to process the character's thoughts and scene which only makes you want to read more, to find out what will happen. Watching a movie usually only lasts for about two hours while reading a book lets you read it  for as long as you want. Personally, I like to enjoy my book and not fast-read through and, reading a book like, The Giver definitely made me want to read the book not as fast so I could take in every moment of the book.

       Who doesn't love to use their imagination? Imagining things is one of the best parts of reading a book. Letting yourself imagine lets you think of what the characters and setting look like and, what could happen next. In every book, there is always a chance for you to be able to imagine. I think that everyone loves to use their imagination and in the The Giver movie, it doe not allow you to do that. During the movie, everything was already decided, what the characters and their world looked like. While reading the book I definitely had a different image in my mind about what their world would look like, and to be honest, seeing the world that the movie producers created was kind of disappointing. I like being able to think, 'oh, maybe this is what that looks like'. In this movie especially, I felt like not being able to use your imagination was a major setback.

       In conclusion, both the book and movie were great stories that were each told a little differently but I enjoyed the book more because of three main reasons; the book gave me more meaning and feeling of the characters and their world, it captivated my attention longer making me want to read more, and finally, the book encouraged me to use my imagination!